Pre-conference Workshops on Day 1 - Conference Sessions on Days 2,3&4

Dr. Farah Naja

Dr. Farah Naja

Associate Professor, Nutrition and Food Sciences Department, American University of Beirut - Lebanon

Dr Farah Naja is an associate professor in Nutrition Epidemiology, FAFS, AUB. She earned her doctoral degree from University of Toronto, Canada. Since joining AUB in 2008, Dr Naja has been leading an active research portfolio. Her research focus is to explore innovative approaches to study dietary intake and its association with disease risk as well as with sustainability and environmental footprints. In addition, a main focus of her research is the development and validation of tools to be used in nutrition research. Such tools include, among others, an Arabic Food security assessment questionnaire and food frequency questionnaires for children and adults. Recently, Dr Naja has been leading collaboration between Qatar and Lebanon to launch the first mother and child cohort study in the Middle East and North Africa region, examining the effects of maternal and young child nutrition on birth outcomes and growth patterns. Another arm of Dr Naja’s research is in the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), where she has conducted numerous investigations to better understand the prevalence and determinants of use of CAM in Lebanon, both at the national level and among patients with chronic diseases, such as cancer, Diabetes and HIV.


Day 3 Pre-pregnancy BMI gestational weight gain and birth outcome in Lebanon & Qatar 3:30 PM - 3:50 PM Al Majlis Hall


Knee & Shoulder Examination

Venue: Al-Mukthasar 1 Hall, Ritz-Carlton Doha

Time: Friday 17, November 2 PM - 5 PM