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Dr. Elmoubasher Farag

Dr. Elmoubasher Farag

Consultant Epidemiologist

Dr Farag is a Consultant Epidemiologist with more than 15 years’ experience in the public health sector addressing issues related to Communicable diseases surveillance and control. Dr. Farag acquired knowledge and hands on practical skills in communicable Diseases program conceptualization, implementation and management at different levels from central to district and sub-district level.

Dr Farag is the Acting Head of Communicable Diseases Control Programs in MOPH since 2011, with direct responsibility of Developing and implementing national policies, strategies and programmes for infection prevention and control at national level 

 Dr Farag has a number of research projects on the field of emerging and zoonotic diseases such as the ongoing national MERS-CoV sero-survey and national Qatar public health Vector survey. 

His main interest is the Surveillance of communicable Diseases specifically the Epidemiology of emerging infectious diseases ,Travel Health and public health during Mass gathering.

Dr. Farag has research experience in Health care professional education, Health System, communication for behavioral impact and in community mobilization for Health.

Dr. Farag has several published articles in his field of expertise in peer-reviewed international journals.  he has also obtained several research grants.