About SRC

Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC)

About PHCC  

Primary Health Care Corporation is the main provider of primary care in Qatar, delivering a comprehensive, integrated, patient-centered and affordable health and well-being services across health centers in the country.

The corporation aims to drive forward the nation's vision of a healthy population, focused on promoting healthy lifestyle, prevention, early diagnosis and the provision of long-term support to patients and their families.

Scientific Research Conference (SRC)

An annual event organised by PHCC with an  emphasis on the importance of primary care research, SRC serves as a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience on key primary care issues, contributing towards continuing education, capacity building for research, innovation and collaboration to help shape the public health landscape at all levels.

SRC 2018’s theme ‘Primary Care Research: Promoting Preventive Interventions, Improving the Quality of Care’ reflects recognition in the rise of chronic preventable conditions influenced by modifiable risk factors in Qatar.  By better understanding causes and developing and implementing appropriately targeted, contextualized and effective preventive interventions in primary care settings, preventable conditions can be reduced and even eliminated and the quality of care can be significantly improved. The foundations to achieving these include through strengthening the generation and use of evidence in health decision-making, development of policies and intervention.